Tips and Tricks


  • You can apply laserable transfer paper to inexpensive wood to make it easier to cut. I recommend TransferRite 582U paper, which can be applied to 1/8" Baltic Birch available from many sources. Use a flat, smooth object (such as a roller, ruler, or even a plastic card like a credit card) to apply from the center to the edges. This works well enough, but watch it carefully; when applying to unfinished wood, the paper may not adhere well enough to hold with detail work.
  • Did smoke or soot stain your wood or acrylic? Use isopropyl alcohol to dissolve and remove the residue.

Construction and Assembly

  • Get together your construction toolkit:
    • Glue: Wood glue or white craft glue for wooden pieces, and acrylic adhesive for acrylic pieces
    • Toothpicks, for applying glue in hard-to-reach places
    • Q-Tips, for removing glue in hard-to-reach places
    • Craft knives or razor blades
    • Plastic razor blades, useful for scraping off backing material
    • Wood clamps, for holding pieces while the glue is drying
    • Wood files for removing splinters and rough edges
    • Sandpaper
  • You can adjust designs to use serrated tabs, allowing the pieces to be pressed together with a hammer or mallet. See Dan's post on the Glowforge Owners Forums for more details.