Cantilever Box v1

This flexible storage box is modeled after midcentury sewing boxes, and has five compartments. The top two layers extend on cantilever arms, and the top layer has a pair of hinged lids that swing open. It's built from 1/8" material and is designed to be cut on 12" squares, laid out with customization in mind.

The box is designed to use a sheet of US letter (8.5x11") paper as a liner, which may also be printed with decorations.

Inspired in part by James Hatch's cantilever box design on the Glowforge forums.

Finished size: 11"W x 7"H x 9.5"D


Files Available

Current version: v1.0.0 (27 May 2018)

ZIP (8x SVG) and AI

Readme and Instructions

Cantilever Box v1