Online Events and Communities

Virtual Conferences and Conventions

While at Davies during the pandemic, Jax was able to successfully pivot and complete the first Virtual Rhode Island ACTE conference, virtual parent-teacher conferences, as well as a virtual open house to recruit new students. These events varied between 50 and 800 attendants. After planning and launching the events, Jax worked as tech support/customer service to ensure everyone was able to have a great experience.

In January 2021, Jax assisted New England's largest, most diverse sci-fi fantasy convention, Arisia, Inc. with their first virtual conference as a member of the communication team and has continued to be a valued member focused on communication via social media and their mailing list as they work towards an in-person Arisia for 2022.

Jax is an Online Karaoke Host and has successfully completed monthly karaoke sessions throughout the pandemic. While the events were open to the public, the Age of Dazzler Facebook Group was most active in participation. The Age of Dazzler Facebook Group group is dedicated to Marvel X-Men character Alison Blaire AKA Dazzler.

100/10 would recommend Jax for almost any sort of social media setting, or if I was invited to a mini-podcast setting with them, and had never felt more comfortable!! They’re fun and so engaging with almost everyone they meet. Stellar, most rad person tbh. 💖

Jacqueline Dwight-Merritt

Member, Age of Dazzler

Jax is a phenomenal host. Jax is creative, fun, collaborative, and most of all gives a fully immersive amazing experience for karaoke events. Highly recommended.

Michael W. Anderson

Member, Age of Dazzler

Jax is an amazing host. They are prepared, knowledgeable, and talented. They get the whole group involved and makes sure everyone feels welcome. Would definitely recommend.

Quentin Nash Sagers

Member, Age of Dazzler

Jax's Dazzling Karaoke has been a highlight of my summer! Jax provides personalized requests and helps bring out the extrovert-ness of their participants. I had a blast and even my partner stopped in and sang a song or 2. Jax gets everyone involved and is such a positive, cheery presence! I look forward to future events! Bonus points for playing all my 80s ballads!

Travis Woodman

Member, Age of Dazzler

Jax began their live streaming journey in August 2020. Since then they have developed their live streaming abilities and become an administrator to a Live Streaming Friends Facebook Group. This active group of live streamers from around the world use the group to test equipment, troubleshoot, find resources, and socialize in the "Funhouse".

Jax is an incredible facilitator of such a wonderful hangout for live streamers in that of the Funhouse. Jax knows exactly how to keep the funhouse upbeat, entertaining and a complete joy to be a part of. When it comes to planning future topics and organizing the events within the Funhouse, they have a phenomenal attention to detail. I definitely recommend them based on their technological and organizational prowess and I unequivocally think that they would be a wonderful addition to any organization.

John Venturini

Member, Live Streaming Friends

Jax is a godsend, and fearless when it comes to taking on any challenges. They consistently look out for and represent the community's need for Live Streaming Friends. As a fairly green administrator for Livestreaming Friend, it was reassuring to know Jax, would share their experience with me whenever I needed to bounce ideas off or understand nuance points with an online community's administrative duties. It was a relief to know that when the work became too much for me to handle, Jax gladly accepted our offer to be a moderator and later an administrator. Both professionally and personally, Jax and I had known each other prior to the group, so it's hard for me to hide my enthusiasm to work with them and excited for other members to see for themselves Jax's enthusiasm, support, and knowledge they bring and shares with others. Less we forget the unlimited humor and joy Jax shares, too.

Jax has a knack for blending thoughtfully engaging posts, ranging from helping members out with questions to engaging light-hearted banter. Intuitive and empathetic, you can always count on Jax to know when they need to manage potential flames on a group post and anticipate what challenges to address on behalf of the community. Particularly with our popular Funhouse meet-ups, whether it was helping to hammer out the scheduling and structure of the global group or infusing creative themes in engaging with the members, any organization, business, or group would be fortunate to see the benefits and joy of bringing Jax into their fold.

Robert W. Lee

Admin/co-founder Livestream Friends Facebook Group

Founder Exec. Video Producer ShaLaLaLa Productions