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Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

Jarkko Harju

Professor at Tampere University

Economics at Tampere University is the leading partner in the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Tax Systems Research (FIT) funded by the Academy of Finland, other partners are VATT Institute for Economic Research and University of Helsinki. More information can be found from here: FIT

Other affiliations: Research Professor at VATT in Helsinki, Research Fellow at CESifo Institute in Munich, University of Turku, Helsinki Graduate School of Economics.

Email: jarkko.t.harju(at)tuni.fi, jarkkotharju(at)gmail.com, jarkko.harju(at)vatt.fi, 


Research interests

Public, behavioral and labor economics. 

Work in progress

"Voice at Work" (with Simon Jäger and Benjamin Schoefer). (paper

"Stairway to Heaven? Entrepreneurship and Income Dynamics"  (with Toni Juuti and Tuomas Matikka) (first draft)

"Moral Hazard in Drug Purchases" (with Jouko Verho) (paper)

"Does Household Tax Credit Increase Employment?" (with Sami Jysmä, Aliisa Koivisto and Tuomas Kosonen) (paper)

"Multifaceted Responses to a VAT reform: Evidence from an RCT and a Quasi-Experiment" (with Tuomas Kosonen and Olli Ropponen)

"Labor Market Consequences of the Nokia Decline"  (with Andres Barrios-Fernandez, Tuomas Matikka and Sami Remes)

"Taxi Market Deregulation: Effects on Prices, Demand and Tax Evasion" (with Ida Kankaanranta and Kaisa Kotakorpi)

"Regular Tax Audits and Firm Performance" (with Kaisa Kotakorpi, Tuomas Matikka and Annika Nivala)

"Social Insurance and Entrepreneurship" (with Youssef Benzarti, Tuomas Matikka, Ella Mattinen and Alisa Tazhitdinova)

"Labor Costs and Firm Dynamics" (with Sami Jysmä)

"Property Taxes and Firm Outcomes" (with Teemu Lyytikäinen, Sebastian Siegloch and Erkka Silvennoinen)

"Early Retirement and Firm Performance" (with Tomi Kyyrä)

"Car taxes and car fleet: Quantity and quality effects" (with Tuomas Kosonen and James Sallee).