Welcome to my webpage!

Jarkko Harju

Professor at Tampere University

Other affiliations: Research Professor at VATT in Helsinki, Research Fellow at CESifo Institute in Munich, University of Turku, Helsinki Graduate School of Economics.

Email: jarkko.t.harju(at)tuni.fi, jarkkotharju(at)gmail.com, jarkko.harju(at)vatt.fi,


Research interests

Public, behavioral and labor economics.

Work in progress

"Voice at Work" (with Simon Jäger and Benjamin Schoefer). (paper)

"The Effects of Corporate Taxes on Small Firms" (with Aliisa Koivisto and Tuomas Matikka). (paper)

"The Heterogeneous Incidence of Fuel Carbon Taxes: Evidence from Station-Level Data" (with Tuomas Kosonen, Marita Laukkanen and Kimmo Palanne) (paper)

"Stairway to Heaven? Entrepreneurship and Income Dynamics" (with Toni Juuti and Tuomas Matikka)

"Car taxes and car fleet: Quantity and quality effects" (with Tuomas Kosonen and James Sallee).

"Social benefit thresholds and labor supply" (with Tomi Kyyrä and Tuomas Matikka)