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Random Digital Art - Four Seasons

In this series of Random Digital Art, the block pattern (QR code fragments) is entirely defined by randomly generated numbers. 

The color scheme fits the particular season. 

(Currently only available in my Fine Art America shop)

Universal Digital Art

Inspired by astronomy and satellite communications, the pieces ‘Universal Digital Art’ provide an imaginary view on the universe through the eyes of the artist, combining rectangular structures with the apparently chaotic, yet overwhelming beauty of space. 


This triptych features an exceptional abstract representation of three phases of a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring the view of the Sun from a small part of the Earth, totally or partially. In a total eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by the Moon. Although a total solar eclipse occurs somewhere on Earth every 18 months on average, they recur at any given place only once every 360 to 410 years.

(Currently only available in my Fine Art America shop)

Celebrating π (for the number geeks)

The number π (spelled out as "pi") is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter and appears in many formulae across mathematics and physics. People express their love of this unique number in myriad ways, from memorizing and reciting as many digits as they can. It is an irrational number, meaning that it cannot be expressed exactly as a ratio of two integers. Consequently, its decimal representation never ends, nor enters a permanently repeating pattern. This piece of digital art only lists the first 993 decimals ...

(Currently only available in my Fine Art America shop)

Random Digital Art - Fire

In this series of Random Digital Art, consisting of eight pieces, the block pattern (QR code fragments) and the format (square or rectangular)  is entirely defined by randomly generated numbers. After generating these numbers, the recipe is fixed and needs only to be executed, thereby removing any further influence of the artist. By placing all eight artworks in the exact sequence 1-8, the idea behind these series of contemporary art is best preserved.

SquareFace Meeting

Inspired by endless meetings and presentations,  the portraits in this series were first conceived as ‘meeting doodles’ to be later transformed into abstract designs by using a popular presentation program.

A World of Pixels

Patterns from a digital image. First experiments with literally digital art. Zooming in to the level of individual pixels, surprisingly distinct patterns become visible, creating a new virtual reality which are bound to stimulate reflection and contemplation. 

Real Digital Art

From automotive industry to digital art. The QR (Quick Response) codes were first designed to identify and track car parts in the factory.  Today QR codes are used practically everywhere. The series of Real Digital Art includes remarkable quotes from famous people. Challenge your visitors to decipher the code. Digital art as an icebreaker for a lively conversation! 


The series of ‘Opposites’ consists of pairs of artwork, featuring characters and symbols with opposed meanings. Each artwork makes a great ‘twin’ decoration when positioned next to, or even better, opposite to the other piece. This set features the dollar sign and the @, representing lots of free stuff on the internet.

Daybreak over the Dolomites

A digital reproduction of an earlier work, made by patiently cutting and pasting pieces of photos from a magazine, transforming these ‘memories in black and white’ into a dramatic view on these famous Italian mountains.  

Recycled Digital Art

Discarded designs retrieved from the recycle bin, providing a surprisingly vivid perspective. With this series, initially failed designs are transformed into a new form of fine art. An accidental recovery of a rejected design led to a quite daring piece of digital art, based on a QR code. 

1000 Lightyears from Earth

'Oumuamua avant la lettre'.  One of my earliest works, from 1968: City on a large rock flying through space. 

Oumuamua is the first interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System and was discovered by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakalā Observatory, Hawaii, on 19 October 2017, approximately 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun on 9 September.

The name comes from Hawaiian ʻoumuamua 'scout' and reflects the way the object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to humanity.

(Not yet available for sale. In the background, some other works from 1968).