"Working with Jane has been such a gift! My friend recommended reiki with Jane to me, and I am so grateful that she did. Jane is someone who radiates warmth, caring, and genuine interest in others. She is so easy to connect with, and she is so insightful and intuitive. Every session with her feels like she's been preparing just for you and exactly what you need.

During the seven months I have been receiving reiki from Jane, the treatments have been immensely helpful in managing stress and grounding during a notoriously unstable year. Even with everything going on, I feel so much more balanced than I have in a very long time. It has also done wonders in managing pain stemming from an autoimmune disease. I cannot imagine a better companion, guide, support, cheerleader, and friend to have along the journey. I cannot recommend Jane enough!"

April, 2021 - Beth H.

March, 2021

"Jane is a true gift to me. I've been working with her for six months now, during one of the most difficult times in my life. She has healed, guided, and inspired me every step of the way. Her awareness is so astute that I'm able to truly connect with my own awareness, emotions, angels/guides, and take on the process ahead through her beautiful healing work. Seeing Jane will always be part of my self-care and self-awareness routine!"


Lauren Y.

"After moving to Colorado Springs, I didn't continue having Reiki treatments. A dear friend recommended Jane to me. What a gift and in perfect timing! I had missing treatments but didn't know anyone but was ready to search. Synchronicity!

Jane is so much more than a Reiki practitioner. She is a dedicated teacher and healer who shares her knowledge, encouraging, and supporting me on my Spiritual journey.

Recently I took a fall and had to have stitches. My body ached all over. Jane sent Distance Reiki and I could literally feel the pain and throbbing dissipate from the affected area. My body relaxed and all the rest of the pain left my body completely.

Jane has enriched my life in so many ways. I so look forward to regular sessions with her and the briefing she provides after the treatment has allowed me to evolve at a deeper level. I feel the love she has for me and all of humanity. She is the Divine with skin."

March, 2021

Jan B.

"When I first met Jane, I thought I was seeking relief and healing for an acute physical ailment. Little did I know, Jane would be a wide-open conduit for deeper healing that has changed my life! Her advanced Reiki techniques help keep me aligned and open for greater and greater awareness.

Jane is a truly gifted intuitive and healer and teacher. I love that she is always learning and expanding. She generously shares her knowledge and skills so that others can continue their growth and healing as well. She fosters my curiosity and then holds space for me to assimilate and grow. With her patience and encouragement, I have been able to articulate long-suppressed dreams, to recognize my resistance, and to take new and exciting steps towards my goals!"

June, 2020 - Marta S.

"I received the gift of Reiki for Christmas and at the time, I didn't realize how it would change my life. I was having some health issues and was seeing doctors for two months leading up to seeing Jane for the first time. The first hour-long session was so relaxing and I could feel Jane moving the energy throughout my body. Afterwards, she recommended a few positive affirmations to recite daily, as well as suggested a detox tea. By the time I went back to see Jane for my second session a few weeks later, I was feeling revitalized and back to feeling myself! Many people invest in monthly massages; I invest in monthly Reiki sessions. Because I'm worth it. Reiki has awakened my spiritual journey and has helped me to be more aware of my body, my relationships, my life. Jane has the most calming personality, will meet you where you're at spiritually, and deeply cares about her clients. After every session, not only will you feel like a new person, but Jane will debrief and give you some insight on the energies she picked up from your chakras. I am so grateful that Jane has come into my life - she is exactly what I needed to help me become more balanced and whole!"

June, 2020 - Monica S.

"I recently had a distance reiki session with Jane - and wow! I went into the session with loads of physical pain, worry, and tension. Because of Jane, I left feeling at ease and significantly better, but I went about the rest of the day with grounded, high energy. Jane made me feel completely at ease. All of the messages that she passed on throughout our session were spot-on accurate and insightful. This was truly a magical experience and I could not recommend working with her more. I cannot wait for my next session with Jane!"

May, 2020 - Tara L.