With love, let me help bring light into all aspects of your life. Allow me to aid you in soothing your deepest hurts, overcoming your darkest fears, and transporting your life into one filled with Love and Light. I will assist in providing clarity for you to be present to make the most of your life choices.

In-Person and Distance (Remote) Reiki Sessions

Numerology Charts and Sessions

Animal Spirit Guide Rituals

Reader of  Chakra Cards, Animal Spirit Cards, Oracle Cards, and Past Life Cards

Instructor for Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, Numerology, and Oracle Card Reading

In-Person or Distance Reiki Sessions


$100 an hour session

$50 for 30 minute session

Student Rate:  $60 an hour (40% savings)

Referral Rate:  Refer a friend to receive your next hour session for $40 AND

your friend's first session is $40 (60% savings)

Fair Rate:  $1.50 a minute or $30 for a 20 minute session (10% savings)


Packages:  Three one hour sessions for $150 (50% savings)

Three 30 minute sessions for $75 (50% savings)

Student Rate Package:  Three one hour sessions for $108 (40% savings)

Text, email, or call to discuss payment options

Reiki Classes

Payment Plans Available.  Additional discounts available with larger classes.  Zoom classes also possible. 


Usui/Holy Fire III Level I Class  $125

Level I or First Degree Classes: CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE YOUR CLASS

Refresher First Degree Classes:        2 1/2 to 4 hours $100

Usui/Holy Fire III Level II Class  $225 

Level II or Second Degree Classes: CONTACT ME  TO SCHEDULE YOUR CLASS

Refresher Second Degree Classes: 3 to 5 hours $150

Usui/Holy Fire III Level I and Level II Classes  $300 (40% savings)

11 to 18 hours of instruction includes lectures, discussions, experiences  and placements.

Depending on the number of students in a class this Combination Class of Levels I & II (First and Second Degree) will be two to four days. This package combines everything listed in both Usui Reiki Level I and Usui Reiki Level II above.   If you are able to commit to the dates and the amount of time required for both Levels this is the most economical and continuous way to receive your Level I and Level II certification.  50% of the combination classes is required to register for these classes.

Combination Package of Classes: CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE YOUR CLASS

Refresher Combination Classes: 5 - 10 hours $180 (40% savings)


SHARES are Certified Practitioners offering Reiki to each other.  PRACTICES are Certified Practitioners offering free Reiki to clients. 

All Practices are FRIDAYS from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Certified practitioners are welcome to come and go as you need.

Please notify me by the Wednesday prior if attending and the time frame you plan to practice so arrangements are made for the appropriate number of recipients for 20 minute practice sessions.





Numerology Chart and Sessions


Your Choice of Chaldean or Pythagorean

Basic 7 Core Numbers $45

Forecast and Timing (additional) $45

Combination Chart (Basic & Forecast/Timing) $80

Essence Number Chart (detailed events chart covering 7 aspects) $140

Sessions $45 an hour

Text, email, or call to discuss payment options

Animal Spirit Guide Rituals


The Nine Totem Animal Ritual $50 per participant 

1 - 3 Participants allowed per Ritual

(approximately an hour per participant)

Text, email, or call to discuss payment options



Your choice of Chakra Cards, Animal Spirit Cards, Oracle Cards or Past Life Cards

$25 for a 20 minute reading In Person, Zoom, or Phone Call

$5 per question reading via Email

Readings & Numerology Classes


Individual Participant Class $25 for an hour

Two or more Participant Class $20 each for an hour and a half

Located in North Colorado Springs

Near Interquest Parkway and Voyager Parkway

Private Session, Group Session, Phone Session, and Email Session Available

For interest in events, practices, or hiring for private parties 

contact me through email at

text or call at 719-351-2426

Treasure Every Moment

Email:                Facebook: JaneTeresePED          Phone: 719-351-2426