KIM, Jae-kwang (김재광)

My name is Jae-kwang Kim. I am a professor in Statistics department at Iowa State University (ISU) . I got my PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University under the supervision of professor Wayne A. Fuller in the summer of 2000. I am a fellow of ASA and IMS and recently named to a Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Professor from the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University (2020-2022).

E-mail: jkim at iastate dot edu (ISU)


Research Interests:

My main research interest lies in survey sampling and statistical analysis with missing data. By introducing missing data (or latent variable) framework, we can handle many applied statistical problems as a missing data problem. For example, measurement error models and multi-level models can be treated as special cases of the latent variable modeling. Also, data integration is an emerging application area of missing data analysis. I am now exploring machine learning topics such as function estimation under reproducing kernel Hilbert space.

Work Experience

  1. Academic Positions: Hankook University of Foreign Studies (2002-2003), Yonsei University (2004-2008), Iowa State University (2008-current), KAIST (2016-2018).

  2. Other job experience: Mathematical Statistician at US Census Bureau (1999-2000), Senior Statistician at Westat (2000-2001)


  • 1994-2000: Department of Statistics, Iowa State University (PhD)

  • 1991-1993: Department of Statistics, Seoul National University (MS)

  • 1987-1990: Department of Computer Science and Statistics, Seoul National University (BS)

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