Chromatic Homotopy Theory Seminar: Ambidexterity

Jack Davies, Niall Taggart, and I organized the third iteration of the Chromatic Homotopy Theory Seminar, in which we studied the ambidexterity theorems of Hopkins-Lurie and Carmeli-Schlank-Yanovski. Jack wrote a syllabus for the seminar which can be found here.

Time & Location

The seminar will take place every Wednesday from 15.00-16.30. The location differs from time to time, and can be found in the schedule below.


Part I: Background and general machinery

  • October 13, 15.00-16.30, in Minnaert 2.06
    Overview of ambidexterous phenomena, Tommy Lundemo.

  • October 20, 15.00-16.30, in BBG 0.83
    Review of the Tate construction and vanishing, Sven van Nigtevecht.

  • October 27, 15.00-16.30, in BBG 0.83
    Norm functors for -categorical local systems, Haoqing Wu.

  • November 3, 15.00-16.30, in BBG 1.61
    The notion of m-semiadditivity, Jaco Ruit.

Part II: The category of T(n)-local spectra is m-semiadditive

  • November 10, 15.00-16.30, in BBG 0.79
    Integrating maps and an overview of the proof, Lennart Meier.

  • November 17, 15.00-16.30, in Minnaert 0.15
    Additive p-derivations and δ-power operations, Niall Taggart.

  • November 24, 15.00-16.30, in Minnaert 0.15
    The bootstrap machine, Max Blans.

  • December 1, 15.00-16.30, in BBG 0.75
    Completion of the T(n)-local proof, Jack Davies.

Part III: The category of K(n)-local spectra is m-semiadditive

  • December 8, 15.00-16.30, in BBG 0.75
    The Morava K-theory of Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces, Yuqing Shi.

  • December 15, 15.00-16.30, in BBG 0.75
    Dieudonné theory, Sven van Nigtevecht.

Guest speakers

  • January 12, 15.00-16.30, online via Teams
    Cyclotomic Extensions in Chromatic Homotopy Theory, Shachar Carmeli.

  • January 26, 15.00-16.30, online via Teams
    Ambidexterity phenomena at height 1, Allen Yuan.