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Researcher / Developer / Computational Disease Modeler

Welcome to my home page. I am a Researcher/Developer with multidisciplinary background. This includes Engineering and Computer Science and recently HealthCare. I am particularly interested in combinations of different disciplines.

Multimedia presentations describing my research can be viewed by clicking on the links and images below. These are followed by a short professional biography summary and by my publications - also see My Citations in Google Scholar. You will find code in my GitHub page.

My main effort these days is computational disease modeling. The Reference Model for Disease Progression that models COVID-19 and diabetes is my main project, and I also work on Clinical Unit Mapping to help machines comprehend medical data.

These days I organize the Austin Evening of Python Coding Meetup. In the past, I was active in the population modeling mailing list and and now active in the multiscale modeling and viral pandemics working group. I also chaired the Bio-Medical and Population Modeling track in SummerSim. I advocate public non blind review in scientific publication

My research interests are: Computational Disease Modeling, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, Computer Aided Design, Computer Graphics, Geometric Reconstruction, Computational Geometry, Computational Methods, Information Technology, Inspection Systems, Computer Vision.


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My mom and I translated a classic Pushkin fairy tale to English and Manuel Soto illustrated the E-book. You can get a copy from Amazon by clicking here: