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Jack Yates National Alumni Association (JYNAA) was legally formed on January 7, 2015 as a Non-Profit 501c3 organization with a purpose to unite alumni, support our Alma Mater and strengthen the ties between our scholars, alumni, parents, community, businesses, colleges, universities and its feeder pattern schools to preserve the rich legacy, pride, excellence and tradition of Jack Yates High School.

Jack Yates Sr. High School was established February 17, 1926. Jack Yates Scholarship and Alumni Affairs was organized and formed August 26, 1989 under the leadership of Sara Gibbs which she lead until 2014. In 1995 an “Alumni Pledge” was created by Sara Gibbs ‘48, D. Langham ‘49, J. Robert Jones ‘55, I. Jones ‘55, E. Fisher ‘58 and R. Patten ‘66 to echo for years to come. Yates was in need of their alumni support, so Mr. Roland Cotton made a decision in Summer 2014 to form an “active alumni association” to reunite the alumni base to support and help rebuild our great institution, Jack Yates Sr. High School.

JYNAA is a 501c3 organization with all donations being "Tax Deductible". A receipt will be provided at the time of donating. You can pay online or at a monthly meeting to the Financial Secretary. Thank you!

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