Howdy, I'm Wes Unruh.

I've been editing podcasts since 2003, publishing material online since the late 90s, and I've been lucky enough to meet more than a few of my favorite producers on both coasts.


Peabody Conversations: POSE(2019 Interview)
78th Peabody Awards
(2019 Line Cut)
Peabody Conversations: Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise(2017 Interview)


The Black and Empowered Podcast
Deep Americana
Peabody Awards Podcast

Selected work

Performance Metrics for Social Strategy, Peabody Awards
Philip K. Nixon - Avoid, Deny, Defend
(2020 Album)
Unruh - Thee Eve Ov(2017 Album)
BeyondHateTexts - 2016 Beacon Initiative Presentation.pptx
Beyond Hate Texts(2016 Presentation)
Unruh - Unrusted
(2021 Album)
Witchy Vibes(2021 Music Video)
The Art of Memetics
(1st edition 2008, 2nd 2011)
the end of the word as we know it
(1st edition 2011)
Adoptee(limited edition, 2018)

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