Written Test Prep

Prior to taking the written test be sure to read the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook. Or as an E book HERE . There are 19 questions in the back of the book and those will be very similar to at least 19 of the questions found on the test.

Also, the DMV offers a free smart phone app in the iTunes Store or Google Play for practicing the written test.

The Written Test is divided into 2 parts. A 50 question "General Knowledge" test and a 15 question "Highway Road Sign" test. The test is very basic and most students will have no trouble passing the test on the first attempt.

    1. Plan to arrive at least 1 hour prior to closing
    2. The test is offered free of charge and is a touch-screen computer based test.
    3. You will still need a signed MV3001 Instruction Permit Application Form signed by a one of our Instructors. The MV3001 is mailed to your house once you are enrolled in our BTW Course and are within about a week of turning 15 1/2.
      1. Prior to going the the DMV to get the Instruction Permit, make sure you have an instructor's signature and test scores on your form. Students who take the Written Tests with us who meet the age and enrollment requirements will be give their MV3001 Temps Application at the Written Test session.
      • NOTE: Remember our signature is only valid for 60 days, so you must get your permit and begin driving within 60 days.

NOTE: In either case above, make sure that before the student goes to the DMV to get their instruction permit that they have a signed MV3001 with either the scores lined out (if they did not take the test with us) or with the test scores entered (if they took the test with us) and that the date the instructor signed the form is NOT more than 60 days old.