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J&B Driving School: How it Works

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in J&B Driving School. J&B was started by long time KC's instructor Jake. In partnership with KC’s we launched our own school to better serve Hartland and the surrounding communities.

J&B Driving School -JandBdrivingschool@gmail.com 

Driver’s Ed Requirements

In Wisconsin, if you are under 18, you must take an approved driver education course in order to get your license. J&B Driving School is licensed and insured to provide this service.

Instruction Permit and MV3001 Form- In order to be able to drive on public roads you must have an instruction permit. 

To get an Instruction Permit students under 18 must:

1. Complete all 15 sessions of the KC’s Driving School Online Classroom. To complete the Online Classroom follow the steps found HERE

2. Enroll in Behind The Wheel Driving Instruction. This is accomplished by completing the form HERE

3. Pay for the Behind the Wheel Course $425 or $435

4. Be 15  (to get their instruction permit). 

5. Present required documents;

a. MV3001 Application for Instruction Permit/Driver License

b. A government issued original birth certificate.

c. Social Security Card 

– if you don’t have the card bring the number and another form of ID such as the student’s school ID.

6. Pass the written test. - The Test is given at the DMV when you go to get your Instruction Permit. The test is computer based and is pretty basic. We have a Written Test Prep page at our website HERE that will help you pass the test.

7. The student’s parent or legal guardian must sign MV3001 at the DMV with the student. If the parent or guardian can not be present at the DMV there is a provision on the form to have the form notarized.

Probationary License – The probationary license is the first “solo” license. There are restrictions that limit 1 non family member in the car and no driving after midnight for the first 9 months. Also, points are doubled after the first ticket. 

To get a probationary license students must;

A. Complete 30 hours of classroom

B. Complete 6 hours of driving and 6 hours observing.

Course Completion Certification: 

Behind The Wheel Lessons - Soon after the student obtains their instruction permit they will begin the behind the wheel lessons. 

Adverse Weather Conditions

We are very quick to cancel lessons when the weather is bad. More than once we have had other drivers crash into us because they were driving too fast for conditions. We cannot afford the risk to our students, staff or equipment to be on the roads when they are slick. Do NOT let yourself get behind on behind the wheel lessons and expect to get caught up during winter months.

Scheduling and Rescheduling Behind The Wheel Lessons

Scheduling The Road Test - Students may schedule their road test HERE

After School Pick Up For Behind The Wheel Lessons

Students that are being picked up right after school should look for the J&B Driving School car and not a particular instructor and will be picked up at the following locations at 3pm :

Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I get my Instruction Permit signed (MV3001)?

I lost my permit or my temps expired what do I do?


How long do I have to complete my behind the wheel lessons?

As long as you need. Most people try and finish them quickly because you have to renew your permit after 1 year. 


What do I bring to the DMV to get my instruction permit?

1. Your ORIGINAL state issued birth certificate or passport

2. Your ORIGINAL social security card

3. A parent or legal guardian (or have your temps app notarized)

4. A MV3001 application (temps app) signed and dated within 60 days by a KTADS instructor

5. Money, there will be a fee

How do I schedule a Road (Skills) Test

As you know, you must have your Instruction Permit 6 full months before you can take a road test. You can schedule your road test 11 weeks in advance of the 6 months ending. Go to the DMV website HERE to schedule a Road (Skills) Test

What do I bring to the DMV for my road test?

1. Your permit (very important)

2. Your car

3. Your parent

4. Your Course Completion will be on file in the DMV Computer.

What do I need to do to pass the temps test?

Study the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook There are no longer printed versions. They DMV also has smart phone apps that can help you. Visit Google or Itunes for more info.

J&B Driving School  Student Agreement/Contract

Revision 01 Effective on 04/01/2018

J&B Driving School LLC 

 J&B Driving School  Hartland, WI 53029 (262) 563-2677

AGREEMENT: As required by the State of Wisconsin pursuant to the provisions of section 343.71 (a) of the motor vehicle code. J&B Driving School will comply with all rules and laws as found in the Motor Vehicle Code M.V.343 and Trans. 105. The agreement between the customer and the school shall consist of the following charges and obligations;   





*If there is any failure to comply with any of the above items by the student, the student MAY be removed from our program and no full or partial refund will be offered. 

**This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the customer, and no verbal statement or promise will be recognized.    Revision 01 Effective on 04/01/2018

J&B Driving School