Volunteer Opportunities Start as soon as the kids do, if not before. If you have a talent you would like to share with the band organization please let Mr. Chapman or the Booster President know.

Civic Center workers needed, plus someone to train to chair this fundraiser. Adults are needed to work concessions at Civic Center events. The money earned is posted to your child's student ledger. Over the years, we have had many families raise all of the funds needed to cover their band fees including major trips. If interested, contact IVC Bands (ivcbands@ivcbands.com).

Volunteer Opportunities

Uniforms - Alterations, Repair, Cart Attendant

Equipment - Loading, Transportation

Props - design, building and Show Crew

Hydration - help keep kids hydrated at parades and shows

Nurse/Medical - at band camp and other events, we need medically trained individuals to assist

Chaperone - parents are needed to chaperone camp, Rolling Meadows, Jazz events, etc throughout the year

Front Ensemble Help - we ask that parents sign up to help at performances and football games getting equipment on and off the field

Event Organizers (Awards Banquet, Jazz Night, Music Fest, Ghost Chase, Raffle, and Fundraisers Event Help ( Decorating, Food Prep and Serving, Clean Up Crew, Publicity, Sponsor Requests)