Ivan & Cyril Young

Ivan Charles Young & Cyril Frank Young

Forgotten Heroes of World War II

Ivan Charles Young (top left) and Cyril Frank Young (top right) outside their family home in Melbourne.

YMCA Camp Buxton at Shoreham & the Cyril Young Memorial Chapel

The two brothers tragically died in World War II in the service of their country. The details of this service are given on this site as part of their individual service records. Prior to their enlistment, both were active in the YMCA camp for underprivileged boys at Shoreham, Victoria. Camp Buxton was on land donated by the Buxton family. Cyril Young was the chairman of the Camp Buxton Committee in 1938. The YMCA decided to build an open air memorial chapel to commemorate those members who died in the war and they named it the Cyril Young Memorial Chapel. It was also dedicated to the memory of Ivan Young and was used extensively by Camp Buxton. Money to build the chapel was raised from public donations and YMCA members were active in its construction.