Iván García-Santillán

Personal Website

Personal information:

  • Computer Systems Engineer, Ph.D.

  • email: idgarcia@utn.edu.ec

  • Associate professor at the Universidad Técnica del Norte (Ecuador).

  • Scopus Autor ID: 57192817984

Research interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Vision

  • Data Mining

  • Big Data

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Data Science.

Research projects


    • Algorithm Optimization for Precision Agriculture. Participation: co-Director. Status: Finished


    • Embedded driver assistance system for detecting and alerting drowsiness and distractions using infrared spectrum (NIR). Participation: Director. Status: Finished


    • Development of an embedded/mobile prototype system for detecting drowsiness and distractions in day and night driving through artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques in the visible spectrum. Participation: Director. Status: Finished


    • Development of artificial vision algorithms for precision agriculture using high performance computing. Phase I. Participation: co-Director. Status: Finished

    • Texture analysis using digital image processing and analysis techniques to measure green forage. Participation: co-Director. Status: Finished


    • Automatic detection of crop rows and weeds in crop fields using digital images. Participation: Director. Status: Finished.


    • Development of artificial vision based methods for automatic weed detection and real-time potato / maize crop rows for guiding inspection vehicles in agricultural environments. Participation: Director. Status: Finished.


    • Development of a Tourist Information System for accommodation establishments in the province of Imbabura. Participation: Director. Status: Finished.