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Iván García-Santillán is an Engineer in Computer Systems (2004). His postgraduate studies are a Diploma in University Teaching (2006), Master in Computer Management (2009), and Doctor (Ph.D.) in Computer Engineering from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain, 2013-2017), whose doctoral thesis is in the areas of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. In 2018, he achieved the Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Faculty of Informatics of the UCM. 

Currently, he is an associate professor in the Computer Systems Career of the Technical University of the North, Ibarra-Ecuador (2017 - ongoing). Since 2018 he has been a researcher accredited by the Senescyt (Secretary of higher education, science, technology, and innovation). Previously, he worked as a Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador for seven years (2005-2011) and the State Polytechnic University of Carchi for five years (2012-2016). He also worked at the Hardsoft company for five years (2002-2006), developing financial-accounting information systems for government and private institutions. 

His work as a researcher, teacher, advisor, and consultant has allowed him to develop and lead some projects and researches in the area of computer science; speak at conferences and seminars; publish books and scientific articles in high-impact international journals (Q1 in JCR / SJR), as well as guiding several degrees (Engineering) and postgraduate (master's and doctoral) works. He was head of the Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (GISIA) research group of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (UTN, 2017-2021). He is also a referee of scientific articles in international journals and several scientific committees in relevant conferences

His main areas of interest are the following: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science.