Itamar Gilad

Product, Strategy and Innovation Consultant | +34 689592489

The role of product management is to find a product that delivers maximum value to a market and captures maximum value from it. Everything else - plans,metrics, designs, specs, should work towards this goal.

About ME

Based in Barcelona, I'm a product consultant, coach and speaker specializing in Lean Startup and Design Thinking with over 20 years of experience in product management, product strategy and innovation. Most recently I was lead product manager at Google for Gmail, launching features used daily by 100s of millions of users and heading Gmail growth. Prior to Google I worked with a number of high-profile startups in Israel and in multinational tech companies, including Microsoft and IBM. I hold a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technion, Israel institute of technology.


Twitter: (@itamargilad)


I help tech companies build great products that deliver and capture tremendous value.

Sample Projects

  • Achieving tight product market fit for new products.
  • Increasing retention (or reducing churn) of existing products.
  • Accelerating growth of active users, revenue and other KPIs.
  • Understanding user/customer needs and what they think of your product
  • Innovation at scale - Strategy, product portfolios, risk/reward analysis
  • Introducing best product management practices and coaching PMs


Over the years I picked a large tool-set of methodologies and practices used by Google, market-leaders and top startups:

    • Lean startup, Design thinking, Agile, A/B experiments, MVPs, smoke tests, qualitative user research, metrics, dashboards, data analysis, feature prioritization, backlog management, planning, roadmaps, OKRs, team alignment, decision making models

How we can collaborate

We can work together in these ways:

  • Consulting projects - typically weekly sessions, 2-16 hrs per week.
  • Workshops - I give workshops (from 2 hrs to 2 days) on product management, lean startup, and innovation.
  • Spot-consulting - you can micro hire me for 30min-1hr consultation calls.

To schedule a meeting please contact: