Itamar Gilad

Product Management Consulting


About Itamar GILAD

Itamar is a consultant, author and speaker specializing in product management, strategy, and growth. Over the past 20 years he held senior product management and engineering roles in Google, Microsoft and other companies. At Google Itamar launched Gmail's Tabbed Inbox and lead Gmail's growth team (resulting in 1Bn MAUs). Itamar writes a popular product managements blog and is the creator of a number of product management methodologies including GIST planning and the Confidence Tool.

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I help companies build great products that deliver and capture tremendous value.

  • Introduce best product management practices
  • Help define product strategy and plans - Markets, Strategy, OKRs, GIST planning
  • Launching new products - identifying markets and needs, achieving tight product market fit
  • Improving KPIs - retention, conversion-to-pay, customer life-time value (case-study) ...
  • Accelerating growth - Growth hacking, experiments, using data (video talk)
  • Driving Innovation - Innovation frameworks, project portfolios, responding to disruption

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Workshops and Keynotes

I give talks, workshops and keynotes on these topics:

  • Lean product management (example)
  • GIST planning (example)
  • Strategy development
  • Growth (example)
  • Building effective product teams

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