How To Secure The BBQ Cover

In summer, the barbecue grill has its permanent place on the terrace, but caution is advised in case of a storm warning.

Grills and other equipment is susceptible to wind. Especially light items can turn into dangerous projectiles during a storm and damage plants, garden furniture, and grilling equipment.

Grill Covers have become a very popular item, because of the protection it offers to your expensive grills. There are many styles and namebrands to choose from.

Before you purchase any grill cover, make sure you get the exact measurements of the grill you are wanting to cover. There are several reasons for this:

  • You do not want to buy a grill cover that is so tight that it will stretch the seams, and eventually rips.
  • If you buy a grill cover that is too large, it will look sloppy in appearance.
  • If the grill cover is too big, it will be easy for the heavy winds to lift it off the grill, and blow away.

The quality brands will offer you up to 5 different sizes to choose from, and different colors also.

How to protect your BBQ and grill cover from wind?

If a storm looms on the horizon, you should temporarily move your grill and also the light garden furniture in the cellar, garage or other safe place.

If you have a heavy solid barbecue that cannot be moved easily, it should be can be secured with a grill cover for better wind protection.

Then the next problem arises. How to prevent the cover from ballooning?

How To Keep Grill Cover From Blowing Off
How To Keep Grill Cover From Blowing Off

Securing The BBQ Cover

To do this, the tarpaulin or protective cover is tied up tightly at the bottom edge with a rope or - even better - with buckle straps.

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The fixings serve to prevent the cover from slipping or even being blown off the grill in strong winds, for example.

There are several types of fixation. There is the clip lock, which is either on the grill or in two suitable places on the grill cover.

To keep your grill looking new for as long as possible, a grill cover is important. Fixings such as Velcro, rope or clip fasteners provide special protection.

Or a Velcro fastener, whereby the grill cover is pulled over the grill according to plan and fastened in the right places with a claw fastener system.

Another possibility is the cable pull. Here there is, often at the bottom of the cover, a folded edge in which a rope is sewn in. By pulling on the ends of the rope, the cover narrows and the grill is also somewhat more protected from below.

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