Journal Proceedings

IsoEcol 2022 Proceedings in Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies (IEHS)

Contributors to IsoEcol 2022 are invited to submit a paper to a special IsoEcol issue of Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies (IEHS).

DUE DATE: September, 2022

IMPORTANT!! Manuscripts are limited to 10 journal pages (approximately 20 pages submitted), including Tables and Figures. Manuscripts exceeding the limit will be returned to the author. Complete data tables and figures are encouraged and may be added and referred to in the manuscript, but to meet the space restrictions placed in Supplemental Materials. All Supplemental Materials are published in electronic form on the journal website and are indicated in the printed manuscript. Please follow carefully the journal formatting instructions.

PEER REVIEW: All manuscripts will be assessed by anonymous peer review process. Editorial decisions for all submitted papers are final and at the discretion of the Editor in Chief.


1. Register to create a user account on Scholar One Manuscripts (unless you already have an account). Create a New Account (top left).

2. With your UserID and Password, log into ScholarOne Manuscripts.

3. Click on “Author Centre”

4. Click on “Click here to submit a new manuscript”

5. Under Manuscript Type, from the pull down box, choose “Original Article”

6. Complete the entire paper submission process.

7. THIS IS IMPORTANT – Under Step 5 (see left column numbering – under the heading called “Details and Comments”), scroll 6 boxes down to the section called “Is the manuscript a candidate for a special issue?" Here indicate “YES” and insert "IsoEcol2022". Note: If you neglect this step, your paper will NOT go into the Proceedings issue.

8. Complete your submission.