Previous IsoEcol Meetings...

Gaming, Austria (2022) . The 12th ISOECOL was held from 6-10 June 2022 in Gaming, Austria, co-hosted by Wassercluster Lunz Biological Station and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The meeting was hosted by Dr. Martin Kainz and his team. The hybrid meeting attracted 147 (82 in-person, 65 virtual) participants. Five topical workshops were held, and the meeting hosted over 125 scientific presentations, along with a progress report on the IsoEcol Global Collaborative Project on parasites. The plenary speakers included Dr Noreen Tuross (Harvard University), Dr. Christian Voight (Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research), Dr. Hannah Vander Zanden (University of Florida), Dr. Matthias Pilecky (WasserCluster Lunz Biological Research Station), Dr Nicolas Duprey (Max Planck Institute), and a virtual plenary by Dr Susan Waldron (Natural Environment Research Council UK). Four different field trips included hiking, cycling, whitewater rafting, and a cultural and wine-tasting tour.

COVID-19 "Virtual Interlude" (2021) . The "11.5" ISOECOL was held online for 2.5 days from 19-21 May 2021 via the Wassercluster Lunz Biological Station and the IAEA, Austria, on the Zoom virtual platform. The meeting was hosted by Martin Kainz and his team and attracted 225 participants. The meeting consisted of 27 pre-recorded oral presenters and over 100 digital posters, as well as four virtual Workshops. The first IsoEcol Collaborative Project on parasites was also launched. Plenary speakers included Drs Lily Twining (University of Konstanz), Brian Fry (Griffiths University), and Jason Venkiteswaran (University of Waterloo). This short virtual meeting was intended to maintain momentum for the rescheduled in-person meeting in June 2022.

Vina del Mar, Chile (2018). The 11th ISOECOL was held from 30 July to 3 August, 2018, at the Universidad Andrés Bello in Vina del Mar, Chile. The meeting was hosted by Chris Harrod and his team. The meeting attracted over 230 international scientists with over 250 abstracts for oral and posters as well as workshops. Special tribute sessions were held for isoPopes Brian Fry and Marilyn Fogel. Plenary speakers included Diane O'Brien (University of Alaska), Pablo Sabat (Universidad de Chile), Andrew Jackson (Trinity College) and Tamsin O'Connell (University of Cambridge). Various field trips explored the culture heritage and natural environment of Chile.

Tokyo, Japan (2016). The 10th ISOECOL - the first in Asia - was held from 3-8 April 2016 at Ito Hall on the Hongo Campus of The University of Tokyo. Hosted by Alex Wyatt, Ichiro Tayasu, Naohiro Yoshida, Naohiko Ohkouchi and Toshi Nagata, the meeting attracted over 150 scientists who presented over 130 oral and poster presentations. There were four plenary speakers: Gabriel Bowen (University of Utah), Yoshito Chikaraishi (JAMSTEC), James Ehleringer (University of Utah) and Michael Richards (University of British Columbia). Five different trips included a guided tour of Tokyo, the Nikko World Heritage Area, Mt. Fuji, Kamakura – Ancient Capital of Japan and the Tokyo Seaside.

Perth, Australia (2014). The 9th ISOECOL was held at the University of Western Australia in Perth. Hosts were Greg Skrzypek, Mat Vanderklift, and Pauline Grierson. Papers were presented at the University Club, with more than 120 oral and poster presentations covering aspects of ecology, and encompassing ecosystems from the open ocean to the suburbs of cities. Plenary talks were given by Brian Popp, Naohiro Yoshida, Margaret Barbour and Keith Hobson. The mid-week field trip saw delegates travel to Rottnest Island among the quokkas, as well as Yanchep National Park.

Brest, France (2012). The 8th ISOECOL was held at the Quartz Convention Centre in Brest. Hosts were Stan Dubois and Jacques Grall. Around 250 researchers attended this conference. Brian Fry, Sébastien Lefebvre, Stuart Bearhop and Pascal Riera gave the plenary talks, with the traditional mid-week field trip seeing attendees visit the island of Ouessant.

Fairbanks, USA (2010). The 7th ISOECOL was hosted by Matt Wooller and Diane O'Brien at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks from August 9-13, 2010. This meeting attracted around 150 delegates. The plenary lecture was given by Paul Koch on conservation paleobiology. A workshop on Bayesian mixing models took place prior to the conference.

Honolulu, USA (2008). The 6th ISOECOL was hosted by Brittany Graham, Carrie Holl, Brian Popp, and Brian Fry. They welcomed us to the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Gabe Bowen and Simon Jennings gave plenary talks on isoscapes and marine food webs respectively, as part of the general schedule. The mid-week field trip and social involved a hike and sea snorkeling.

Belfast, Ireland (2006). The 5th ISOECOL was back in Europe at Queens University, Belfast. Stuart Bearhop and Jason Newton hosted the conference. This time the number of plenary speakers was increased to three, thanks to presentations by Jim Ehleringer, Tom Preston and Graham Farquhar. The midweek field trips visited Rathlin Island and the Giant's Causeway.

Wellington, New Zealand (2004). The 4th ISOECOL was the first foray south of the equator in Wellington, New Zealand. Over 150 people attended this meeting held at the Te Papa Museum. The keynote speaker was James Ehleringer of the University of Utah. Jim gave an overview of his research and an overview of the use of stable isotopes in wildlife and forensics. The Proceedings of the New Zealand Meeting were published in special issues of Isotopes in Environmental Health Studies and Oecologia.

Flagstaff, USA (2002). The 3rd ISOECOL was held in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA., hosted by Joe Shannon. Over 180 people attended this meeting. The keynote speaker was Don Schell of the University of Alaska. Don gave an overview of his research and an overview of the use of stable isotopes in marine ecosystem research. Proceedings of this meeting were published in a special issue of Isotopes in Environmental Health Studies in 2003.

Braunschweig, Germany (2000). The 2nd IsoEcol was held in Braunschweig, Germany, hosted by Annette Giesemann. Over 140 people attended this meeting. The keynote speaker was Dan Yakir of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, who provided an overview of research using stable isotope methods to study plant, soil and ecosystem responses to climatic and environmental change. Proceedings of this meeting were published in a special issue of Isotopes in Environmental Health Studies in 2002.

Saskatoon, Canada (1998). The 1st IsoEcol meeting was held in Saskatoon, Canada. The idea for Isoecol meetings was initiated by Keith Hobson and Leonard Wassenaar, and the enthusiastic response to this inaugural meeting affirmed the need to gather expertise in this field and to continue bi-annual international meetings. Over 120 participants attended the first conference. The keynote was Marilyn Fogel (formerly) of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. She set the tone with an excellent overview of molecular approaches in stable isotope ecology. Proceedings from this first meeting were published in Oecologia (v 120, no 3) and the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (v 56 , no 11).