Iowa State Mathematics Research Teams (ISMaRT) engage ISU undergraduate students in mathematical research in teams. Each team of 2-4 undergraduates is led by a postdoctoral research associate and also contains a faculty member and a graduate student.

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  • Undergraduates in ISMaRT may receive up to 2 credits of Math 490 for participation in ISMaRT upon agreement with the faculty member who is on the project. Note this must be decided at the start of the program.

  • 2 credits of Math 490 that includes significant writing and oral presentation.

  • There is the possibility of funding for students working on certain projects either through the department's RTG grant or the LAS Dean's High Impact Award for Undergraduate Research. Once matched with your mentor, inquire with them if you are interested in seeking funding.

Publications from Previous Projects

  1. ``Depth and singular varieties of exterior edge ideals.'' by Matthew Mastroeni, Jason McCullough Andrew Osborne*, Joshua Rice, and Cole Willis*. submitted 2022. [arXiv]

  2. "Conditions for matchability in groups and field extensions." by Mohsen Aliabadi, Jack Kinseth*, Chris Kunz*, Haris Serdarovic*, and Cole Willis*. To appear in Linear and Multilinear Algebra. [arXiv]

  3. "Ethnic homophily affects vaccine prioritization strategies" Claus Kadelka, Md Rafiul Islam, Audrey McCombs*, Jake Alston*, Noah Morton*. submitted 2022. [medRXiv]

  4. ''Computing Kemeny's constant for barbell-type graphs'' by Jane Breen, Steve Butler, Nicklas Day*, Colt DeArmond*, Kate Lorenzen, Haoyang Qian*, and Jacob Riesen*. Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra 35 (2019), 583-598. [Journal link]

*Denotes undergraduate ISMaRT student.
Note: A publication is not required and should not be expected in general.