Peer-Reviewed Publications

Volatile Top Income Shares in Switzerland? Reassessing the Evolution Between 1981 and 2010 (with Reto Föllmi) pdf

The Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 99(5) (December 2017), pp. 793-809.

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  • NEW! update until 2014 - data available on

Non-Reviewed Publications

Inequality in Switzerland: A Haven of Stability? (with Reto Föllmi) pdf

CESifo Forum, 2/2018 (Summer 2018), pp. 19-25.

Die Verteilung von Einkommen und Vermögen in der Schweiz (with Reto Föllmi)

UBS International Center of Economics in Society Public Paper, No. 6 (November 2017)

Die Topeinkommen in der Schweiz seit 1980: Verteilung und Mobilität.

Social Change in Switzerland, Nr.11 (November 2017).

Cantonal Differences in Health Care Premium Subsidies in Switzerland” (with Berit Gerritzen and Alma Ramsden)

University of St. Gallen SEPS Working Paper No.14-20, July 2014.

Bookreview on: ‘Methods for Quantitative Macro-Comparative Research’ by Salvatore Babones

Journal of World-Systems Research, Vol. 20(1) (March 2014).

Mindestlöhne – Situation und Handlungsbedarf. Bericht der SGB-Expertengruppe Mindestlohn.

(with Daniel Lampart, Doris Bianchi and Gabriela Medici)

Zürich: Editions à a Carte, May 2011.

Mit Konjunkturstabilisierung längerfristige Wachstumschancen sichern (with Daniel Lampart)

SGB-Dossier, Nr. 65 (June 2009).

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