Welcome to the IRTG

Brain in Action!

Here you will find useful information for the IRTG Brain in Action program. General information about the program, its members and events can be found on the Canadian and Action Perception Network Website and on the Neurophysik IRTG Brain in Action webpage. This website is a resource for trainees from York, Western and Queens, who are looking for information specific to the Canadian side of the IRTG program. Professional Development modules are hosted on the Blohm lab's IRTG wiki.

Did you know we have a Slack group for trainees? The link is www.brainact.slack.com.


  • the 2021 IRTG retreat will take place virtually and as part of Virtual Vision Futures Conference, in collaboration with York VISTA program, June 14-17, 2021

  • dates for the 2022 IRTG retreat at the Sporthotel Grünberg in Grünberg, Germany, have been set for June 26 to July 1, 2022.