** Please see this pdf for full CV **

In September 2020 I started as Assistant Professor at the Video & Image Sense Lab at the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam. My position is funded by a MacGillavry Fellowship from the Faculty of Science. Additional funding is coming from an Veni Grant from the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research (NWO), and an interdisciplinary PhD programme grant from the UvA's Data Science Center

From 2017-2020, I was a post-doc at New York University, where I worked on a BRAIN Initiative project with Jonathan Winawer, Natalia Petridou and several others. The goal of this project is to build empirically supported models of sensory population responses by linking together neural signals (measured with ECoG, M/EEG) and BOLD responses (measured with fMRI). 

From 2014-2017, I was a post-doc with Chris Baker at the National Institutes of Mental Health. My research focused on the neural representations in scene-selective regions in the ventral and dorsal pathways of visual cortex using multivariate fMRI and consecutive TMS-fMRI, and was partly sponsored by a post-doctoral Rubicon Fellowship from NWO.

I obtained my PhD (2014) and MSc (2009) at the University of Amsterdam. My PhD thesis focused on the role of scene statistics in human scene categorization, combining computational modeling with EEG and fMRI, with Steven Scholte, Sennay Ghebreab and Victor Lamme. I conducted my MSc thesis at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (CBU) on perceptual discrimination in patients with amnesia, with Morgan Barense, now at U Toronto.