International Reference Ionosphere 2017 Workshop

Improved Real-time Ionospheric Predictions with IRI and FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and Other GNSS Data

A COSPAR Capacity - Building Workshop 2017

6-17 November 2017 (Training session:6-10 Nov. 2017, IRI Workshop:13-17 Nov. 2017)

Venue : Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University (NCU), Taoyuan City, Taiwan

(中央大學太空及遙測研究中心 R2-115, R2-116 )

Hosted by the Academy of Sciences located in Taipei

DEADLINE for FINANCIAL APPLICATIONS for students and young researchers: 15 June 2017 (Application closed)

DEADLINE for ABSTRACT submission for IRI Workshop: 15 July 2017

Date for announcement of acceptance : 15 Aug. 2017 (delay because of the large number of applications)

The Capacity-Building Workshop (6-17 November 2017)

The objective of this two-week COSPAR training and capacity building workshop is to teach attendees the basics of ionospheric monitoring and modelling and familiarize the students with the most important online data bases of ionospheric ground and space data and web interfaces to ionospheric models. The second week will be a regular International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) Workshop and provide the CBW attendees with an opportunity to learn the latest developments in IRI modelling and regarding the development of a Real-Time IRI model.

The course includes lectures covering issues related to the equipment and data analysis used to monitor the ionosphere from the ground and from space and the representation of ionospheric parameters in models like the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI). A special focus will be on improvements of the IRI Real-Time model with FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and other GNSS data. An important goal is a more accurate prediction of ionospheric plasma retrospective and in real-time.

Funding will be provided for travel, housing, and meals for 30-35 selected students.

The IRI 2017 Workshop (13-17 November 2017)

The aim is to provide a venue to bring together a wide audience of academics and researchers from around the world to meet and discuss the latest ideas and present research results related to Space, ionospheric modeling, and IRI improvements and extensions. Special emphasis will be on improved real-time ionospheric predictions with FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and other GNSS data. It is also our intention to enhance the research collaboration worldwide.

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