Iowa Food Hub is a connector.

Recognizing that people should have choices when it comes to food attributes, production methods, price points and food miles, Iowa Food Hubs strives to connect a diverse product mix of quality, locally-grown foods to the people seeking them.

We provide 100% transparency and traceability, sharing the stories of our farms, and offering assurance that you are receiving the freshest, healthiest and safest food available.  We focus on a distribution area of 150 miles from Decorah, IA.

IFH has three tiers in its definition of "locally-sourced" with preference toward Tier 1 suppliers.

Tier 1:  Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard and Winneshiek counties
Tier 2:  Adjacent counties in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin
Tier 3:  Producers within a 150 mile radius of Decorah, Iowa

Here are some of the types of wholesale customers we serve:


IFH carries a wide range of locally-grown and processed food products including fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy and processed items.  All produce is rinsed, cleaned and packed in appropriate commercial produce packaging, such as waxed cardboard boxes. Farm of origin is designated on all purchases -- on the box and/or the invoice.

Weekly Delivery

IFH has weekly delivery routes throughout northeast Iowa and delivers product on a refrigerated truck. All of our growers are considered small or medium-sized farmers.


IFH carries a $2 million liability insurance policy.  We have relationships with all of our farmer vendors and carry copies of all of their licenses and certifications. Most of the produce from our member farms is certified organic or raised to organic standards.


To subscribe to our weekly availability list email Peter at gm@iowafoodhub.com. You can also give us a call at 563-223-8845.