For live presentation of titles/captions: TitleDriver was developed for opera and is useful for any form of scripted live event. 

TitleDriver was originally developed to produce video for projectors and video walls. For video output, you will need a computer equipped with at least two video outputs, one for the operator's monitor, and one for a Display Window. Almost any MacBook model with its built-in display gives you that capacity right off the shelf.

Additional video outputs are required for each additional Display Window you wish to present. It is also possible to present two translations (Display windows) together in a single video output.

TitleDriver also broadcasts title text over your local network (usually using venue owned devices) to comply with ADA requirements, and to provide automatic translation into any of the Google Translate languages.

Title text is formatted using your preferences, and a variety of format commands can be used to configure each title uniquely. Format commands provide many additional functions, such as the ability to add graphics and other useful functions.

You are not required to pre-program the speeds of transitions. All cues are taken live, but it is possible to pre-program fade times for each title, if required.

TitleDriver is a MacOS application.

TitleDriver is now free for anyone to use. We may ask for payment on technical support calls.

Please contact Tod for download access to TitleDriver

See also the TitleDriver users support and documentation site: