A ShotDriver system involves a complex system integration, and so it is not available for direct download. Please contact Tod Nixon regarding demonstration and trial use of ShotDriver for your installation.

In pre-production, use ShotDriver AD to create your shot list.

• There are a few different ways to build your shot list. Type directly, paste cells from a spreadsheet, or create and describe shots while watching playback on the fly.

In performance your shot data is transmitted to camera operators and the production team.

• ShotDriver Camera is the application used at each camera station. It receives shot data, and gives camera operators great flexibility over how to display that data in ways they can use.

• ShotDriver Camera also displays live camera tallys, and global messages sent to the entire team.


Traditional analog tally outputs from your production switcher can be routed to a simple USB converter to allow ShotDriver AD to automatically advance with each transition on the switcher. Of course during live action there will be moments when your live cut has to depart from the planned shot list. At those moments, an operator may momentarily disable the automatic advance and put the shot list on the correct shot. ShotDriver AD can also record those "extra" shots taken, so that they can be added to the shotlist upon review, if desired.

Each camera operator, who may be tasked to control more than one camera, is viewing the camera currently under control via a dedicated router bus for each operator. The video router's serial data stream may be monitored (connected to ShotDriver AD via another simple serial-to-USB converter) so that ShotDriver Camera will display the data for the appropriate camera, tracking along when an operator switches among their assigned cameras.

Also in ShotDriver AD, you will identify each camera operation station and you may enter each operator's name. This in combination with the video router data stream, allows ShotDriver AD to display which cameras are "live" with each operator at any given moment. The operator's name appears on tally displays, and can also be keyed onto a multi-viewer display via ShotDriver AD's Overlay window.

ShotDriver users' support site: https://sites.google.com/view/shotdriver