Introduction to Computer and Network Security

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    • A 102 - 17:30-19:30 - Wednesday*
    • A 102 - 17:30-19:30 - Friday
    • *except: A 104 on Sep 26 and Oct 03.

There will be no lectures for this course on Oct 10, 12, 24, Nov 02, and Dec 19, as per the official academic calendars of the DISI and MAT departments.

There is also no lecture currently scheduled for Nov 09.

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Silvio Ranise (

Security & Trust Research Unit

Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Teaching Assistant: Alessandro Tomasi (email altomasi at; telegram @AlessandroTomasi)

Office hours

By appointment only. Please email the lecturer or assistant directly.


This is an introductory course to the increasingly important area of computer and network security. The main goal is to enable students to

  • understand the theoretical and practical problems of information security,
  • understand and recognize threats to fundamental security properties: confidentiality, integrity, and availability,
  • understand how the main security mechanisms - such as authentication and authorization protocols, and access control - can be applied to mitigate vulnerabilities.


2018/19 topics, lecture notes, and links to additional material.


  • Written exam (questions and/or exercises) at the end of the course
  • Dates: TBA
  • Past papers and results of past exam sessions are available.
  • IMPORTANT: Exam marks will be published through Esse3. You will receive an email notification when this has been done. You will have 7 (seven) days to confirm your acceptance of the mark directly through Esse3, or choose to withdraw from the session. If you do not actively confirm the mark, it will not be recorded, and you will have to sign up for another session in future.


  • 2018.09.21 - Workshop 01 notes available
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  • 2018.09.17 || Results & Exam Sept. 11, 2018 with sketch of answers
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  • 2018.09.10 - Timetable and projects for the 2018 autumn semester
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