Introduction to Computer and Network Security

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Silvio Ranise (

Security & Trust Research Unit

Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Office hours

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Learning goals

This is an introductory course to the increasingly important area of computer and network security. The main goal is to enable students to

  • understand the theoretical and practical problems of information security,

  • understand and recognize threats to fundamental security properties: confidentiality, integrity, and availability,

  • understand how the main security mechanisms - such as authentication and authorization protocols, and access control - can be applied to mitigate vulnerabilities.


2019/20 topics, lecture notes, and links to additional material.


  • Please see updated Exam guidelines.

  • Past papers and results of past exam sessions are available.


  • 2020.09.14 - Exam results 2020.09.10

  • 2020.07.20 - Exam results 2020.07.16

  • 2020.06.22 - Exam results 2020.06.16

  • 2020.06.09 - Exam guidelines updated for the new normal.

  • 2020.03.02 - Results for 2020.02.13.

  • 2020.02.04 - Results for 2020.01.23.

  • 2020.01.27 - Past paper for 2020.01.23 now online.

  • 2020.01.20 - Past papers for 2018-19 now online.

  • 2019.12.04 - MQTT protocol and MQTTSA workshop slides available.

  • 2019.11.25 - Access control workshop slides available.

  • 2019.11.12 - Lecture schedule updated

  • 2019.11.06 - SAML SSO workshop material added

  • 2019.11.04 - Authentication II lecture notes updated

  • 2019.10.15 - Blockchain lecture notes updated.

  • 2019.10.14 - Cryptography workshop slides available in the Workshops/2019-20 tab.

  • 2019.10.07 - Schedule updated -- no lecture on October 28th.

  • 2019.09.17 - Schedule updated with new lecture halls. Reminder: if in doubt, check the official unitn timetable.

  • 2019.09.09 - New academic year, new look.


The following list of topics and dates is subject to change at short notice.

I2CNS schedule 2019