Introduction to Citizen Science

Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching, final inquiry project presentation.

This video is my final inquiry project presentation, including my experiences in the Netherlands and what I have learned about citizen science. The beginning of the video is a short introduction to the Fulbright DAT program.

What is Citizen Science?

"Citizen science is the engagement of volunteers and scientists in collaborative research to generate new science-based knowledge" (Phillips et al., 2014, p. 1)

Intro to Citizen Science

Citizen science is volunteers and scientists collaborating on science research design, data collection, and/or data analysis to contribute to science knowledge.

Introduction to Citizen Science

Slides created by Mari Venturino. Use the feedback page to give Mari suggestions for what to include (or edits!).

Find a citizen science project!

I have aligned some citizen science projects to NGSS standards here.

Mari Venturino is a middle school science teacher from San Diego, California. From February - June 2022, she participated in the Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching to the Netherlands to study community-based science projects. Her work took her to observe at schools, talk with teachers, and visit science museums across the Netherlands. She hopes to bring back these ideas back to her classroom to get students more involved in local science initiatives.

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