Culture is what we do and is founded upon what we know and what we believe. Cultural differences, with enough exposure, can become invisible and allow interactions to become personal. Intercultural communicative competence is all about building relationships and allowing for more effective communication through deeper understanding. 

"The Intercultural Classroom was meant to be a gift to teachers. Looking back, we realize the gift was for us too. We are changed through the experience of collecting and sharing this project. We can only hope that it will touch others as it has changed us for the better. We are better researchers, better teachers, and better human beings than we were before this journey started over two years ago." Romjue & MacDonald (2018) 


Romjue, A., & MacDonald, J. (2018). The Intercultural Classroom: A Resource and a Method. IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies, 48, 53-68.

Romjue, A., & MacDonald, J. (2016). The Intercultural Classroom. 

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