The Intercultural Classroom

The Intercultural Classroom ties theories of intercultural communicative competence for world language study with practical resources for facilitating intercultural experiences and discussions in a classroom setting. Examples given are specific to Spanish, but the methods for creating these resources can be duplicated for any other world language.

This resource was born from a desire to collect the study abroad experience and bring it back to U.S. classrooms, as much as might be possible. This is accomplished through two methods. First, Los Ojos offers viewers the chance to see Costa Rica from the perspective of a student studying abroad. Second, Las Perspectivas features native speakers reflecting on their perspectives on culture in the South Pacific seaport of Valparaíso, Chile. It is the hope of the researchers that these video resources will be shared and that this project might be replicated in other places and with other languages in order to continue building intercultural communicative competence.