INPUT2018, September 5 - 8, 2018, Viterbo

10th International Conference on Innovation in Urban and Regional Planning

Environmental and territorial modelling for planning and design

INPUT2018 is organized by DAFNE – Department of Agriculture and Forestry Science, Research group on territorial and urban planning.

This Tenth Edition will purse multiple objectives with a holistic, boundary-less character to face the complexity of today socio-ecological systems following a systemic approach aimed to problem solving. In particular, the Conference will aim to present the state of art of modelling approaches employed in urban and territorial planning in national and international contexts.

Moreover, the conference will host the QGIS hackfest (8 th September).

INPUT is managed by an informal group of Italian academic researchers working in many fields related to the exploitation of informatics and innovation in planning.

As usual since 1999, INPUT main themes and tracks are expected to emerge from the topics of presentations.