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What is Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia?

Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia is a competition program which students from different skills team up, design, build and pitch their innovative STEM-based solutions for solving a real world problem within 4 weeks duration, organized by Institute of Technology of Cambodia. Teams need to prove and test their ideas and prototypes through a customer interview and some business research to compete with other teams on Semi Final to advance to the final round. The first winning team will receive USD 1,250 in cash prize, the second winning team will receive USD 1,000 and the third winning team will receive USD 750.

The competition program is based on and supported by TEXAS A&M University College of Engineering where students focus on designing, building, and then selling a solution to a real world problem that has been provided by an industry or Agency partner. It is found to be the spark that gets students excited, inspired, and provides the energy to continue developing their solution in subsequent effort.

The challenge event will be four-weekend duration that is mostly performed over a weekend for universities students to team up, design, build and pitch their innovative solutions under one of the themes: Internet of Thing or e-Commerce (ICT), Education or Health, and Agriculture or Energy. It has a transformational effect in students by:

  • Providing them necessary technology, materials, mentorship and training to support their innovation.
  • Working in teams where they have to share ideas, brainstorm, and deliver the steps toward a solution in deadlines staged throughout the experience
  • Meeting deadlines requiring teams to make decisions about their solution, determine a path toward implementation, and build the solution according to a schedule
  • Developing and practicing effective communication skills as they “sell” their solution to a panel of judges as they compete for placement in the competition. Competition provides the focus and is like a pitch they will need to compete for funding for their project in industry or as a startup.
  • Providing them a situation that is as much like their first job in a high performance team as possible in a short period in a university setting

TICC is to push students’ Innovation into next level by providing them an opportunity to perform design and acquire skills essential to becoming successful innovation leaders and thus realizing that they are capable of developing complete solutions.

After the challenge, student teams especially engineering students have minimum viable products (prototypes) that are working, useful, and validated from customer and business perspectives.


Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia Aims to be the vibrant platform where Young Cambodian Students come to activate their potential and move their leadership, creativity and Innovation to the next level. And revealing Student’s potential to all Stakeholders and Interested Bodies:

  • Promote both technical and entrepreneurship on STEM, especially Engineering and Technology.
  • Promote students’ Innovation and make best use of their skills.
  • Promote innovative a STEM-based solution for solving a real world problem.


Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) is a public engineering school in Cambodia with a well-known and recognized achievement in Cambodia Higher education industry. ITC has a clear long objective and mission. The fourth objective of ITC is to train engineers to innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to create high skilled jobs and answers to future challenges.

In 2017, ITC was pleased to be selected the only one to pilot the MS2W Institutional Innovation Challenge, which is named as “Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia” in Cambodia during the first quarter of FY2019 by the USAID Connecting the Mekong through the Education and Training (USAID COMET) Project to be organized in November 18 - December 9, 2017, at Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The program is based on Texas A&M University (TAMU)’s Innovation Challenge, called Aggies Invent.


Contestants can benefit from the program:

  • Experience international competition program and process, the only one competition in Cambodia, which is based on and supported by TEXAS A&M University College of Engineering.
  • Understand the complete process _ Innovate, Build, Sell.
  • Utility their skills to innovate and design a solution to solve the real world problem.
  • Get many supports and mentoring for their great idea to become visible and realistic.
  • Access to technology, materials, resources, laboratories, as well as online technical mentoring sessions from Experts at Intel Corporation.
  • Improve ability to identify critical needs/requirements, develop and evaluate conceptual designs.
  • Improve ability for oral presentations and showcasing skills to others.
  • Improve ability in all areas of teamwork, and characteristics during the experience, such as:
    • Effective interpersonal skills are critical to proper team formation and thus success.
    • Listening to team members share ideas and concepts to increase innovation. When one person takes over and drives their solution, alternatives are not sufficiently considered.
    • Shared leadership enables team members to take leadership roles when they have particular strengths.
    • Presentation skills, the ability to describe their solution effectively in a succinct presentation, is required. Good presentations cannot overcome a solution with low innovation.
  • Financial support from AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) to make good startup progress.
  • Chances to win many other Awards.
  • Winners has a chance to join in Global Invent for the Planet in United States.



Mr. LAY Heng

Vice-dean of Faculty of Electronic and Energy

Director of Cyber University and Multimedia Center

Institute of Technology of Cambodia


Mr. LENG Hywfi

Mr. LY Rottana

Ms. SEAK Leng

Mr. THAN Sothearak

Our Partners and Supports

Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia is organized by Institute of Technology of Cambodia and fully supported by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

The model of how it is operated is supported by USAID Connecting the Mekong through the Education and Training (USAID COMET) and Texas A&M University College of Engineering.

Intel Corporation also donated and supported their Intel Galileo boards and online technical mentoring and consultancy for shortlisted student teams.

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