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06/10/2017 The story of Angelica Tiraboschi died only 19 years of a tumor, who lived her short life in the name of faith, accepting with serenity the will in God. We are gathering the testimony to open the cause of beatification

Fulvia Degl'Innocenti

A very short life but lived in the name of faith, joy and sickness. The story of Angelica Tiraboschi is simple and together exemplary. Affected by an aggressive breast cancer when she was 18, she fought for 14 months with the disease until she reached the brain. A few days of agony and then the death occurred on August 29, 2015, accepted with a bright resignation .

Angelica was born in Treviglio on November 22nd, 1995, by father Marcello and mother Romina. Simone, the little brother, arrived a few years later. At the age of eight, he met the era of First Communion, the Association of Renewal in the Holy Spirit and began a process of deep maturation in the faith. She also admired Chiara Lubich very much and had made her the rule of the six S, or "You'll be holy if you're holy right away", which she had hung in her bedroom.

"She has abandoned herself to the will of God," continues her biographer , "her story is like a romance of love, God is a seducer and Angelica has not resisted. She participated daily in the Eucharist, recited the Rosary every day and often confessed, She considered these three instruments ways to meet God. It was crucial for her that it was the moment of Confirmation in which she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit very much. At school, especially in high school (she graduated from high school in the human sciences), she was considered an example to follow, she involved her companions in deep spiritual reflections, and conquered the hearts even of those who were skeptical ».

The summer after her graduation they discovered the disease.

She finally thought she was healed when at the end of August 2015 she was hit by severe headaches. The exams left no escape. Metastasis to the meninges. They had already planned an intervention and a cycle of radiotherapy, but in a few days his life was extinguished. During the months of his illness he had found inspiration in the lives of two girls affected by cancer and very young death, the blessed Chiara Luce Badano, and Giulia Gabrieli, who had died out when only 14 years old.

"After her death there were two significant testimonies, " says Bonaldi. "A young mother for years lived a very conflictual relationship with her mother-in-law. During Angelica's funeral she felt a deep warmth and had the desire to go and embrace her mother-in-law and apologize. A boy from the province of Bergamo has long been undecided whether to follow his vocation to the priesthood, and after the funeral he found the courage to enter the seminary. The family also received testimonies from some people with cancer who rely on her and went to her grave to pray. For these reasons we talk about a possible cause of beatification. In the book we also finda prayer that Cardinal Angelo Comastri wrote in his name , and a hymn that three boys, including two seminarians, wrote in honor of Angelica. Their project is to write other songs to make a CD. We will talk about Angelica at the end of October in the transmission of Tv2000 Siamo Noi.

Angelica wrote: «Remember that every single person who lives in our life is unique: he always leaves a little bit of me, he always takes some of us Who has crossed my path and who has not been able to do it do ... thank you! "