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Token Symbol: IEI

Token Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 750,089,881


Crowdsale smart Contract Address:


Why do we need Inheritance ?

In life there are many values: inheritance value, health value, aesthetic value, happiness value, tourism value, the value of parental - business ethics, value of development self, the value of financial freedom - freedom of time. They are intimately connected. We are always looking for, conquering all of these values ​​whether they feel it or not, these values ​​always exist.

In the depths of the people always ask themselves: what a lifetime effort to leave what for the next generation ?

If you are a noble, the answer is simple. For many people who have normal conditions ?

There are people who have tried their whole lives without leaving their children, their grandchildren, sadly!

Fortunately for those who know the inheritance, this is a simple solution, effective solution to many of the above problems.

Specifically as follows: This day people who do not know, Internet experience is certainly backward who can change it. Inheritance will be like the Internet in the digital money world. Many people do not know or own it but that can change.

Luckily for those who know, experience, hold Inheritance today with minimal financial ability of myself.

How many times a year will Inertia increase its value ?!!!