Free 12000000 IEI for 5 lucky users & more,...

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To introduce the smart contract address EthereumV2Erc20 (ETH20).

This is the first and only smart contract address in the world that can raise the price of 1% / 1 ETH raised and this amount of ETH is used 95% to guarantee ETH20.

We offer free 12000000 IEI x 5 lucky users to complete the steps below.


Starting now and ending: 01/31/2020 12:43 AM

Bonus 1000000 IEI for anyone who sends 1 ETH to this smart contract address: 0xdc468a1504fcbdf09705ee298bbec9b16ee263d0


1st Place win 5000000 IEI

2nd Place win 2500000 IEI

3rd Place win 2000000 IEI

4th Place win 1500000 IEI

5th Place win 1000000 IEI

1. Follow Twitter: 2 Entry

2. Retweet with comment "First & only in the world" 2 Entry

3. Like Facebook: 2 Entry

4. Subscribe to the Youtube channel: 2 Entry

5. Visit website: 2 Entry

We will contact you via Twitter to get your ETH wallet and distribute the reward to you.

Note: The time limit for receiving prizes is 30 after the end of the giveaway.

Every other decision is completely up to us.