INHERITANCE (IEI) 5,000,000 IEI giveaway in Airdrop menu.

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1. What is EthereumV2Erc20Crowsale ?

Answer: EthereumV2Erc20Crowsale is the smartcontractaddress to raise money for ETH20. When you transfer ETH to this address, it will calculate the price and automatically send the ETH20 to you.

2. What is EthereumV2Erc20 (ETH20) ?

Answer: EthereumV2Erc20 (ETH20) is the address created by EthereumV2Erc20Crowsale. It is Ethereum's token ERC-20. Its value is secured with 98% ETH raised funds.

3. What are my benefits when investing in ETH20 ?


- The benefits you receive are 1% profit when there is any 1 ETH raised

- We find many other sources of money to help ETH20 quickly value by ETH.

- The value of ETH20 is real value. You can buy ETH20 and resell ETH20 no later than 7 days from the time you buy ETH20 (We charge a fixed fee of 2% to buy IEI token at a high price).

- The value of ETH20 increases automatically. It can increase to 10000000% which means 100000 times more.

- The price increase depends on whether the ETH20's fundraising situation is fast or slow.

- ETH20 is only born when you Mint it. Initial quantity is 0 ETH20, Maximum number is 2000 billion ETH20. The final total circulation is 21 million ETH20.

- The price of ETH20 may be equal to or higher than the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in the distant future

- We can package ETH with SWAP20 contract like WETH, we can release CEX + DEX exchange platform (DEX or 2 in 1 separately)

- You get more than you imagine. There are a few secrets that help ETH20 succeed, it will not be published at this time.

4. Am I at risk when investing in ETH20 ?

Answer: Your risk is to lose up to 2% of the fee when you want to destroy ETH20.

5. How can I make a lot of profit with ETH20 ?

Answer: You need to understand ETH20 and promote it with real investors. The more ETH guaranteed for ETH20, the more profitable you are because the ETH20 does not have a referral commission.

You profit from ETH20 increasing its value.

EX 1: You use 1ETH to buy 100,000 ETH20. When there are 100 secured ETHs at this time, the price of ETH20 increases 100% (doubling).

EX 2: You use 1 ETH to buy 100,000 ETH20. When there are 100,000 ETH guaranteed at this time, the price of ETH20 increases 100000% (1000 times increase). Just like that ETH20 increases up to 100000 times.

6. How to attract real investors to invest in ETH20 ?

Answer: We have many secrets to attract real investors

- Based on the feasibility of ETH20: ETH20 has a clear value-added roadmap, ETH20 has a 10-year period to reach the plan of increasing the value by ETH price or higher than the price of the BTC

- All transactions are transparent on Ethereum's Blockchain

- Technically, you work directly with smart contracts (it will not be greedy)

- ETH20 has great potential and sustainability. It can attract all other areas of it. ETH20 value may be higher than the value of Bitcoin (BTC)

- Everything is almost completely decentralized. We are the only ones who make use of every available letter to produce a new, first model in the world.

7. How do I invest with ETH20 ?

Answer: It is very simple: Use your personal ETH wallet then transfer ETH to this unique address EthereumV2Erc20Crowdsale: 0xdc468a1504fcbdf09705ee298bbec9b16ee263d0

Set GAS LIMIT => 200000

8. How do I sell ETH20 & withdraw ETH ?

Answer: There are many ways, we currently recommend the following:

Step 1: Click on the link below

Step 2: Deposit ETH20 to contract

Step 3: Sell & withdrawal ETH to Metamask

Note: Orders sell ETH20 minimum 0.05 ETH

The buy order is 2% lower than the price you just bought.

The contract to place a buy order within 24 hours is not more than 7 days from the nearest TokenPurchase transaction

Any other questions please chat at this Telegram channel:

Our project launched the second token

Ethereum V2 Erc20 (ETH20).

Highlights of ETH20:

Starting price 1 ETH = 100000 ETH20 is equivalent to $ 0.0016 (Price of ETH $ 160).

Automated price increase of 1% / 1 ETH is raised for investment.

Price ETH20 increases 100000 times.

Highest 1 ETH20 = 1 ETH

Guaranteed by 98% ETH.

98% of ETH is used to redeem all ETH20 then burn them.

Contract to buy 100% token to burn off.

Fixed service fee of 2%

There are no referral commissions.

Not multi-level


To ensure fairness for everyone. EthereumV2Erc20 contract receives ETH

Start time: Human time plan (GMT): Thursday, May 5, 2019 5:05:05 PM

Contract EthereumV2Erc20Crowdsale


(Investors use personal wallet to transfer ETH here)

Check here:

End time: Human time (GMT): Saturday, May 5, 2029 5:05:05 PM

Contract EthereumV2Erc20 (ETH20)


(Add this address to display ETH20)

Check here:

No catch ETH20 was created at the beginning:

Total Supply: 2000 billion (How much to buy back, burn it all, total circulated only 21 million)

Decimals: 18


Start from 0.00001 to 1.49 ETH Price 100000 ETH20 = 1 ETH

100000 ETH20 = 1 ETH. Price increases 0%

Continue the next 0.5 - 2.99 ETH Price 99000 ETH20 = 1 ETH

99000 ETH20 = 1 ETH. price increase 1%

Continue the next 1.5 - 19.99 ETH Price 90000 ETH20 = 1 ETH

90000 ETH20 = 1 ETH. Price increases 10%

Continue the next 11.5 - 199.99 ETH Price 50000 ETH20 = 1 ETH

50000 ETH20 = 1 ETH. Price increases 100% Increase by 2 times

Continue the next 111.5 - 1999.99 ETH Price 10000 ETH20 = 1 ETH

10000 ETH20 = 1 ETH. Price increases by 10 times

Continue the next 1111.5 - 19999.99 ETH Price 1000 ETH20 = 1 ETH

1000 ETH20 = 1 ETH Price Increase by 100 times

next 11111.5 - 199999.99 ETH Price 100 ETH20 = 1 ETH

100 ETH20 = 1 ETH Price increase by 1000 times

next 111111.5 - 1999999.99 ETH Price 10 ETH20 = 1 ETH

10 ETH20 = 1 ETH Price increase by 10000 times

next 1111111.99 -19999999.99 ETH Price 1 ETH20 = 1 ETH

1 ETH20 = 1 ETH Price increase by 100000 times

Guide to invest in ETH20 on MAINNET