Inglemoor Science Olympiad

"Exploring the World of Science"

What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a team competition where students compete in 23 events pertaining to various scientific subjects including chemistry, biology, physics and earth space. It gives students an opportunity to gain hands on experience in engineering, lab environment and develop teamwork skills.

Who are we?

Inglemoor Science Olympiad is one of the high school chapters of over 7,800 schools in the United States. This chapter has been competing since 1991 and we continue to inspire students to get involved in STEM.

Competitive Success

πŸ†2018 Regionals: 2nd

πŸ†2018 State: 3rd

πŸ†2019 Regionals: 2nd

πŸ†2019 State: 6th

πŸ†2020 Regionals: 3rd

πŸ†2020 States: Canceled


Curtis Invitationals 2020

Inglemoor Chapter

Curtis Invitationals 2020

Black team takes 3rd place overall

Curtis Regionals 2020

Kai and Justin place 4th in Boomilever

UW Regionals 2019

Valhalla places 2rd place overall

Curtis Invitationals 2019

The entire chapter, Valhalla took 3rd

State Competition 2019

Inglemoor's Valhalla team at Highline