Clinical Nutrition Appointments

Appointments are available in-person or via video conferencing. Sessions are collaborative and client-directed. After each appointment, a handful of tangible action items are provided. Regular appointments are recommended every 2-4 weeks until goals are accomplished or self-sufficiency is achieved. Regular email monitoring is included.

    • 90' Initial Consultation (Includes Full Intake Review and Dietary Analysis) $150
    • 60' Follow-Up Consultations $75
    • 30' Follow-Up Consultations $50
    • 4-Appointment Initial Consult Package $300
    • 4-Appointment Follow-Up Package $240
    • 60' Stand-Alone Q&A Session $60
    • Ask-Me-Anything Email Concierge Service (One Month) $25

Functional Laboratory Interpretation Services

All interpretation services include review of a background questionnaire and evaluation of a comprehensive laboratory workup from a provider's physical, our True Health Labs Health Check Plus with Vitamin D Panel, or an equivalent suite of tests. An analysis sheet based on evidence-based optimal reference ranges for your demographic is provided as well as either a written Report of Findings or an in-person review with recommendations. Note, prices below do not reflect the cost of the laboratory panels themselves.

    • Comprehensive Laboratory Review with Written Report of Findings $120
    • Comprehensive Laboratory Review with In-Person Follow-Up $90

    • Genetic Analysis Add-On Service (Raw Data Must be Provided) $120

Includes review of 50+ well-characterized genes relating to physical performance, nutritional status, metabolism, and the major axes of integrative health. For ethical reasons, this service is not offered as a stand-alone.

    • Specialty Laboratory Interpretation Priced According to Panel Size

Includes review of questionnaire, and analysis of specialty labs obtained from another provider or direct-to-consumer, including nutrient testing, organic acids, antibody panels, hormone analysis, toxin screens, neurotransmitter tests, comprehensive stool testing or any other suites from functional diagnostic laboratories.

Other Nutrition Services

Please contact me for additional details and terms for each of these offerings, or for services that would be of benefit to you but aren't explicitly listed.

    • Personalized Private Grocery Store Tours $100
    • Generalized Private Grocery Store Tours $75
    • Generalized Group Grocery Store Tours $20 Per Person
    • 8-week Macronutrient-Based Meal Plan $240
    • Full Dietary Analysis with Recommendations $120
    • Nutrition and Integrative Health Protocols for Specific Health Conditions $120
    • Personal Case Research and Biomedical Literature Research Priced Accordingly

Nutrition & Integrative Health Education Seminars

Includes a slide show presentation on any topic of the clients' choosing, with time for Q&A, as well as handouts. I request that you allow me to use my branding and offer business cards to guests.

  • 60' Professional Presentations $240
  • 4-Presentation Professional Series $800
  • Elementary School Nutrition Education (Per 30' Activity) $50
  • Science Tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, and Related Subjects (Per Hour) $40

Graphic Design

Files are provided as PDFs. Final design and formatting is established iteratively with client input.

  • Scientific Diagrams for Publication (Based on Size and Complexity) $150 - $300
  • Business Logos (Based on Size and Complexity) $75 - $150
  • Promotional Logos (Based on Size and Complexity) $50 - $100

Cash, Check, PayPal or Google Wallet Accepted