6.5 ft or 20 ft Inflatable Tooth

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Want new patients for your dentist office? Let this cute model take care of that.

Put it in the front of your store or on your roof top and it'll bring you more business! Proven results!


  • rip-stop nylon
  • compatible blower included (110v)
  • 6.5 ft or 20 ft custom made

Tips on inflation

  • spread a tarp on the ground or roof;
  • spread the model; locate air intake sleeve/tube and connect it to blower; turn on blower;
  • stay away from sharp objects or strong winds over 25 mph;
  • once wet, it must be brought indoors to be air dried (using blower) before being folded; or the PVC coating will fall off;


  • One year warranty on product and 6-month on fan; mishandling not included; to use the balloon in wind/gust over 25 mph voids the warranty;

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