26 ft Inflatable Santa

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A lovely and giant Santa to bring your holiday celebrations up to another notch!


  • rip-stop nylon
  • compatible blower included (110v)
  • dimensions: feet or base area: about 10 ft x 10 ft

Tips on inflation

  • spread a tarp on the ground or roof;
  • spread the model; locate air intake sleeve/tube and connect it to blower; turn on blower;
  • stay away from sharp objects or strong winds over 25 mph;
  • once wet, it must be brought indoors to be air dried (using blower) before being folded; or the PVC coating will fall off;


  • One year warranty on product and 6-month on fan; mishandling not included; to use the balloon in wind/gust over 25 mph voids the warranty;

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