Individual Outcomes, LLC

Every individual has Different abilities.

No matter what these abilities are , Everyone is reaching for a unique outcome. the most important thing is that we keep moving forward and work together.

Individual Outcomes is an adult day support program for individuals with disabilities in Summit County, Ohio.

We start by creating a happy, healthy and safe environment. We can then focus on empowering every individual through inclusion, personal growth, and relationships. What does that mean? It means we take pride in being active members of our community. We work diligently to help people reach personal goals and we assist to build meaningful relationships in our program and beyond. To accomplish this, we realize that everyone has the same basic needs. Everyone needs to feel included. Everyone benefits from close, lasting relationships with a variety of people. By focusing on these common needs, we are able to better aid the individuals we serve to lead a life filled with accomplishments and happiness.

The goal for all of the individuals in our care, is improvement. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many methods are tried, we strive to get better everyday.

What people are saying about us

"My baby at work today! She went to Acme and bought herself some milk and Hersey's syrup. Simple task for most folks, but when you don't have access to the community it isn't so simple! This is why I LOVE these people at Individual Outcomes! Because when my daughter is there she gets to feel normal and respected and appreciated for her skills and talents!! And she is rocking that new wheelchair!"

- Heather Brubaker

"I had the privilege of meeting the staff and clients of Individual Outcomes today with intent of starting my sister there if I found the facility and staff a good fit for her and her needs. I am thrilled to say it exceeded my expectations in every area of what those within the DD community both need and deserve. The staff were both personable and inviting, as well as qualified for the job/calling in which they serve."

- "Facebook Review" Lauren