Looney Tunes Goes to India

This is my oortfolio project for Indian Epics at the University of Oklahoma in the Fall of 2018. Simply said, I am taking classic Indian tales and turning them into Looney Tunes tales. Hope you enjoy!

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Bugs teams up with an unlikely enemy to turn the tables on the great king... Foghorn Leghorn

(Image of the Looney Tunes ending screen: Source wikimedia)

Yosemite Sam has been terrorizing this small town for quite some time. But, there's a new sheriff in town...

(Image of a Sheriff's Badge: Source pixabay)

A tale of Yosemite Sam try to steal King Fudd's crown with the help of Daffy Duck!

(Image of Yosemite Sam saying something Ironic: Source flickr)

A spin on a trickster tale of Inida that features Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

(Image of Bugs Bunny cowering in a hold: credit to Kassy on sketchport)

(Background Image is of Looney Tunes Characters: Source flickr)