Impact Volleyball Academy

"Making an Impact on the Court ~ Leaving an Impact in their Lives"

our motto for the 2019-2020 season is:

"Never give up"

Life is tough and being in middle school and high school is even tougher for our players! Our staff values the opportunity we have to be a part of these girls' lives and the influence we can have on them. We take it seriously as we develop their athletic mindset. Sometimes that means that we have to push them in order for players to realize what they are capable of. And sometimes that means loving and supporting them after they have made a mistake. We want our players to hear the message to never give up in a game or in practice. Never give up on each other or themselves. Never give up in school or in life. You never know what opportunities or successes lie just around the corner!

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Super Saturday

selfie station!


Grain Valley North Middle School

Grace United Methodist Church - Lee's Summit

Grain Valley community center

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