This Recognition, is the initiative of, the "Illinois Moose Riders", for the benefit of all Moose members, (not just Moose Riders). Only Illinois Moose Lodges qualify.

This is based on the honor system, (past lodges you visited do not count, you will have to revisit those lodges), and is for active Illinois Moose lodges that are in existence today.

The center patch is received after your $10 donation. After the center patch, a rocker is received after 25 Moose lodges visited, with a rocker to follow at 50 & 75. Finally, after all Moose lodges are visited, you will receive an "Illinois Moose Association" Rocker. There are a total of 88 Moose lodges in Illinois. Additional patches may be purchased for $10 each and rockers $5 each.

To receive your rockers, send your donation and lists with your Full Name, MID#, address, email, and Lodge/Chapter #. Please send checks to: IMA Moose Riders, Att: Pete Tzimpas, 3535 N. Richmond Rd. Johnsburg, Illinois 60051.

Please make checks payable to Illinois Moose Association, & earmark it: Lodge Visitation Fundraiser. For questions and additional information, please contact the IMA Moose Rider Chairman.