The history of the Ikenobo Chapter of San Diego is intricately tied to the life of Professor Sadako Oehler. Ikenobo Ikebana would not have flourished in San Diego without her presence in this city.

In 1958, Professor Oehler graduated from the Ikenobo University Teaching Institute in Tokyo, Japan. The following year, she and her husband, Charlie, moved to the States and settled in San Diego. Soon there after, in 1960, she started teaching classes and was the first Ikebana teacher in San Diego.

She was instrumental in founding the Ikebana International Chapter #119 in 1968 and also the Ikenobo Chapter of San Diego in 1976. She was elected President of the Ikenobo Chapter at that time and has had a continuous reign as President until the present day. She is 96 years old and was still teaching classes at Balboa Park and the Buddhist Temple in Vista until the Covid 19 Pandemic shuttered our classes.

Professor Oehler has received many awards and recognition for her work as a cultural icon in San Diego. The one award that is most dear to her heart was receiving the rank of KARO from Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo.

In addition to being one of the best Ikenobo Professors in the United States, she was instrumental in founding the first Haiku study group in San Diego, which is still in existence. We are fortunate that she is sharing one of her Haiku poems with all of us on this Website.

Furthermore, she has excelled in the art of Sumie Brush paintings and has produced countless beautiful paintings, which we have included on this web page devoted to Professor Oehler.

In summary, Professor Oehler is like the Renaissance woman of Japanese culture, excelling in Ikebana, Haiku and the art of Sumie Brush painting! We have been so fortunate to have had her for our Sensei for all of these years.

Ikebana Arrangement, Haiku and Sumie Painting by Professor Oehler.