Submission Instructions

Position papers will be of 2-4 pages in ACM format, using the current interim template.

A position paper is expected to argue for new or significantly modified measures for human information behaviour, either focussed on information retrieval, or other information tasks such as browsing, serendipity or overview tasks. Position papers will be reviewed by a small committee, comprised of the organisers and five additional colleagues. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two committee members, with final selection by the organising committee.

Position papers may proposed conceptual approaches to measuring human effort in information interaction, or report on the experience of using methods that have already been proposed. We aim to accept a mixture of both approaches, to ensure a fertile discussion of different insights, practical and theoretical, proven and hypothesised. Thus, established, ongoing, or early work are all welcome.

Papers should demonstrate a knowledge of the existing literature, and make clear their contribution, whether critiquing or improving an existing measure, or proposing a method that is highly novel.

Submission Instructions

Submissions are to be emailed to George Buchanan, in PDF format. In case of query, please contact George Buchanan for any necessary clarifications.


Submissions should be made by February 15th 2021, any time in the world (e.g. up to 11:59pm UTC - 12). Early submissions will be reviewed as submitted. Notifications returned within 5 working days/7 calendar days.